Lénaïg Guého

MSc Internship Student

Email: lenaig.gueho@york.ac.uk
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lénaïg-gueho-159054177/


  • Orchestral music
  • Spatial Audio and Psychoacoustics
  • Travelling


Playing music since her early age, Lénaïg soon started to show an interest in acoustics, so the choice was obvious when she had to choose a field of study. She received her BSc. in engineering sciences with a specialty in acoustics from Le Mans University in 2018. During that year, she took part in an academic exchange and had the opportunity to study at the Czech Technical University in Prague. She is currently undergoing an internship at the AudioLab in order to validate her MSc. of acoustics with a specialty in research from Le Mans University.

Associated Projects

  • Recording Workflows for Virtual and Augmented Reality

Highlighted Publications

Coming soon…