Ben Lee

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Research Technician



  • Spatial Audio
  • Networked Music Performance
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality


Ben Lee graduated from University College London in 2018 with a BSc in Physics; this was when Ben decided that he wanted to steer more towards his passion for music and searched for a path that could amalgamate his scientific background with his more creative interests. Upon discovering the MSc in Audio and Music Technology, he continued his education at the University of York. It was during his time at York that he completed his final project of evaluating the OPUS audio codec through the design and implementation of listening tests. After graduating from the course and obtaining his MSc, he worked for a year in acoustic consultancy but later returned to the University of York’s AudioLab as a research technician. This work builds upon his MSc project’s listening tests via combination with VR. He is also part of a research team, led by Gavin Kearney, at the AudioLab which focuses on many different applications of immersive and interactive audio. In his spare time he enjoys electronic music production or spending his time outdoors, hiking or cycling

Associated Active Projects

  • Evaluation of Spatial Audio Codecs