Speech Demo

This video demo combines visuals created in Unreal engine with a 7OA mix of a performance of an original script about the evolution of sound and spatial audio technology.

Audio Workflow


Recorded using an AKG C414, shock mount and pop filter in an anechoic chamber.

Recording setup used for speech demo.

Sound Effects

Sound effects sourced from SoundSnap.


Mixed using a 7OA workflow in Reaper. Key processing applied is as follows:

Pre-processing: iZotope RX9

Spectral de-noise used to remove noise.

Mouth de-click used to remove mouth noises

Encoding: 7th Order Encoding

Plug-ins used: IEM MultiEncoder and AmbiX o7 Encoder

Convolution: X-MCFX Convolver

Facilitates convolution with real-world Spatial Room Impulse Responses (SRIRs)

Reverbs: IEM FdnReverb

Three reverb sends used with varying reverb times: 0.3 s, 2.1 s and 4.5 s

Deliverable Formats

The audio was provided in the following formats:

The BBC’s EAR Production Suite was used to create an EBU ADM file. The EBU ADM file contained 2 HOA files: one for the reverb and the other for the spatial sound effects used; the rest of the sounds were (mono) objects. The automation data was copied from the Ambisonic encoders to the EAR object plug-ins. The stems were also provided separately.

The audio was converted to binaural using decoding filters developed by Tomasz Rudzki. The audio was converted to 7.1.4 using the SPARTA decoder (no audio was rendered to the LFE channel); this used the Dolby Atmos routing (SSL and SSR were sent to outputs 5 & 6).

Visual Workflow

The visuals were constructed using the following:


Face-tracking was recorded using the LiveLink Face for Unreal application for Apple devices (with True Depth camera).

Project Assembly

The tracking data was imported into Unreal and used to animate a metahuman. The locations of the metahuman on screen provide an indicator of the position of the voice.

Download Materials

Type Title Audio Format Filetype
Audio Only Speech_Binaural Binaural
Decoded from 7OA
Speech_7OA 7OA
Speech_7_1_4 7.1.4
Decoded from 7OA
Audio & Visuals Speech_Visuals_
Decoded from 7OA


The AudioLab would like to thank Google for their collaboration with, and funding of this project.

Recording, Production & Mixing

Jacob Cooper

Motion-Capture Performance

Stephanie Ornithari Roberts


Joe Rees-Jones