York - Huddersfield Networked Performance

This dataset contains audio and video materials recorded during a networked music performance which took place on 22.08.2023 between the Univesity of York and University of Huddersfield.

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Network Setup

Phipp’s Hall, University of Huddersfield, and the AudioLab, University of York, were connected over the internet using the existing academic internet access at each endpoint (JANET). JackTrip was used to stream audio between endpoints, and JACK was used to route audio between JackTrip and hardware capture/playback buffers. A full system throughput latency of approximately 16ms was achieved. Local Mic capture and JackTrip receive channels were recorded at each endpoint.

Simplified map of the system.

Spatial Audio Production Workflow

Based on the time-aligned stems from the performance, two selected pieces were mixed in 7th-order Ambisonics. The virtual singer postions were uniformly distributed in front of the listener in a perfect half-circle.

Positions of the singers and the listener in the room acoustics simulation.

Virtual Acoustics

Early reflections and late reverberation were added based on a simulation of BBC Maida Vale Studio 2 room.

Comparison of reverberation times measured in Maida Vale Studio 2 and simulated one.

The binaural files were rendered using MagLS filters calculated from SADIE II KU100 HRTFs.

Used Tools


Title Composer Format Filetype Download
Laudate Dominum Omnes Gentes Tomas Luis de Victoria 7th Order Ambisonics (ACN/SN3D) WAV LINK
Binaural WAV LINK
Tutto Lo Di Orlando Di Lasso 7th Order Ambisonics (ACN/SN3D) WAV LINK
Binaural WAV LINK


Musical Performance

Ex Corde Vocal Ensemble

Recording & Production

Helena Daffern, Andrew Chadwick, Patrick Cairns, Jacob Cooper, Tomasz Rudzki


Patrick Cairns

Spatial Audio Mixing

Tomasz Rudzki, Jacob Cooper


EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (EP/X525856/1) funded project SAFFIRE, in part by the UK AHRC XR Stories project, grant no. AH/S002839/1