Andy Hunt

Professor (Teaching & Scholarship)

ORCID: 0000-0002-8177-9292


  • Sonification
  • Electronic musical instrument development
  • Interaction


Andy is a professor, specialising in computing, music technology, and time & project management. Andy worked for many years with Thomas Hermann to promote the field of Interactive Sonification, co-founding the Interactive Sonification (ISon) Workshop series and, together with John Neuhoff, editing The Sonification Handbook. He leads research into new electronic musical instruments and sonification (turning data into sound so you can hear and understand it), and in his spare time loves walking, programming (especially iOS music apps and games), and writing music for the media (film, tv, computer games), but usually not at the same time.

Highlighted Publications

“The Sonification Handbook” – Thomas Hermann, Andy Hunt and John G. Heuhoff

“The Importance of Parameter Mapping in Electronic Instrument Design” – Andy Hunt, Marcelo M Wanderley and Matthew Paradis

“Managing Your Project: Achieving Success with Minimal Stress” – Andy Hunt

Surviving and Thriving at University” – Andy Hunt