Joe Rees-Jones

Creative Technologist at Creative Media Labs

Research Technician in Immersive Technologies at the AudioLab



  • Immersive audio
  • Video game audio
  • Interactive sound design


Joe Rees-Jones received a BSc (Hons.) degree in music technology and PhD in music technology, both from the University of York, UK, in 2014 and 2018, respectively. He is currently a Research Technician in Immersive Technologies in the Department of Electronic Engineering at the University ofYork. His research interests include immersive audiovisual applications, video game audio and interactive sound design.

Associated Active Projects

  • The Hills are Alive: Combining the Benefits of Outdoor Environments and Group Singing through Immersive Experiences

Highlighted Publications

“A comparison of player performance in a gamified localisation task between spatial loudspeaker systems” – Joe Rees-Jones and Damian Murphy

“The Impact of Multichannel Game Audio on the Quality and Enjoyment of Player Experience” – Joe Rees-Jones and Damian Murphy

“Exploring the potential of virtual reality technology to investigate the health and well being benefits of group singing” – Helena Daffern, Dave Camlin, Hauke Egermann, Amelia Jane Gully, Gavin Kearney, Chris Neale and Joseph Rees-Jones