Kat Young

Research Student

Email: kaey500@york.ac.uk
Website: katyoungaudio.wixsite.com/home
Twitter: twitter.com/percussionism
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kat-young-36577954/
ResearchGate: researchgate.net/profile/Kat_Young
ORCID: 0000-0002-6931-2534


  • Binaural audio
  • Boundary element method simulation
  • Gender representation within STEM


Kat Young received the MEng (Hons) in Electronic Engineering with Music Technology from the University of York in 2015. They specialise in psychoacoustics and near-field binaural audio and are currently pursuing a PhD in the same department, looking at the feasibility of near-field binaural implementation using computational simulation. Kat is a student member of the AES and has been involved in staffing the social media accounts of various conferences. They are passionate about gender equality and LGBT+ activism, space, music, making lists that are longer than they should be, and hats.

Associated Projects

  • Near Field Binaural Improvements
  • Gender Diversity in Audio

Highlighted Publications

“The Impact of Gender on Conference Authorship in Audio Engineering: Analysis Using a New Data Collection Method” – Kat Young, Michael Lovedee-Turner, Jude Brereton and Helena Daffern

“Loudspeaker Positions with Sufficient Natural Channel Separation for Binaural Reproduction” – Kat Young, Gavin Kearney and Tony Tew

“Acoustic Validation of a BEM-Suitable 3D Mesh Model of KEMAR” – Kat Young, Gavin Kearney and Tony Tew