Laurence Hobden

ORCID: 0000-0002-7321-6123


Laurence Hobden is Research and Applied Technologies Team Leader at Meridian Audio Ltd. in Cambridgeshire, UK. Whilst studying for his masters in Electronic Engineering with Music Technology Systems at the University of York he undertook an industrial placement year with Meridian which he spent researching the possibilities of manipulating psychoacoustic localisation cues in order to change the perceived location of loudspeakers. Once he completed his undergraduate studies, Meridian sponsored him to study a PhD at the University of York’s Audio Lab, investigating the relationship between the morphology of the human ear and spectral cues within head-related transfer functions. His thesis is now in the corrections stage and he has been working full time at Meridian for two years now, where he oversees research and the application of Meridian’s technologies to a number of business-to-business clients.

Associated Projects

  • The Morphoacoustics of Human Hearing
  • Spatially Informed Hearing Aid Algorithms