Marc C. Green

PhD Student

ORCID: 0000-0001-9681-8998


  • Environmental soundscapes
  • Machine listening
  • Spatial audio


Following lifelong passions for music and science, Marc arrived at the University of York Audio Lab in 2014 to study a Master’s degree in Audio Technology. After graduating he spent a year at the lab as an Associate Lecturer, gaining a great deal of experience in teaching in higher education and becoming a fellow of the HEA.
Since September 2016 he has been studying for a PhD focused on environmental soundscapes, with a view to utilising techniques from machine listening and spatial audio in their analysis. The latest fruit of this project is the EigenScape database of spatial acoustic scene recordings.
Marc is also a multi-instrumentalist and continues to be actively involved in music making, primarily as a keyboard player and studio engineer. He is particularly interested in classic synthesisers and DIY electronics.

Associated Projects

  • Evaluation of Environmental Soundscapes

Highlighted Publications

“EigenScape” – Marc Ciufo Green and Damian Murphy

“EigenScape: A Database of Spatial Acoustic Scene Recordings” – Marc Ciufo Green and Damian Murphy

“Assessing The Suitability of the Magnitude Slope Deviation Detection Criterion For Use In Automatic Acoustic Feedback Control” – Marc Cuifo Green, John Szymanski and Matt Speed