Michael Lovedee-Turner

PhD Student

Email: mjlt500@york.ac.uk
ORCID: 0000-0001-6898-1894


  • Machine hearing
  • Room geometry inference
  • Spatial audio


Michael Lovedee-Turner received the BSc (Hons) in Audio and Recording Technology at De Montfort University (2014), and the MSc in Audio and Music Technology at the University of York (2015). They are currently a PhD student in the AudioLab based in the Department of Electronic Engineering, University of York; investigating applications of machine hearing in room acoustic analysis, and room geometry inference. Their research interests include: machine hearing, virtual acoustic modelling, binaural audio, spatial audio and room geometry inference.

Associated Projects

  • Novel Algorithms for Room Geometry Inference
  • Gender Diversity in Audio

Highlighted Publications

“Application of Machine Learning for the Spatial Analysis of Binaural Room Impulse Responses” – Michael Lovedee-Turner and Damian Murphy

“The Impact of Gender on Conference Authorship in Audio Engineering: Analysis Using a New Data Collection Method” – Kat Young, Michael Lovedee-Turner, Jude Brereton and Helena Daffern