Patrick Cairns

MRes Student

ORCID: 0000-0002-7515-9687


  • Spatial Audio
  • Audio Networking
  • Voice Science
  • Interactive Audio
  • Virtual/Augmented Reality


Having graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University (2019) with a BSc (Hons) degree in Audio Systems Engineering Patrick Cairns has proceeded to join the AudioLab research team (2019). Patrick is currently undertaking the MSc by Research project ‘lag-free audio communication in a multi-user virtual reality environment’ the supervision of Dr Gavin Kearney and Dr Helena Daffern and in collaboration with XR Stories. This project aims to quantify the latency limits associated with ‘natural’ vocal interaction and assess the capabilities of achieving this with current networking technology, a pressing concern in any multi-user virtual/augmented reality system.

Patrick is an avid enthusiast of all things audio, having worked in various roles across the audio industry, including: live music performance, live sound engineer, radio broadcast, music recording and production, and recording, production, mastering and score-composition for film and television.

Associated Projects

  • Lag-free audio communication in a multi-user virtual reality environment

Highlighted Publications

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