Tomasz Rudzki

PhD Student

ORCID: 0000-0002-1687-7072


  • Data-driven optimization of audio systems
  • Binaural rendering of Ambisonics
  • Spatial audio codecs
  • Audio software development


Tomasz Rudzki received his BSc and MSc degrees in Telecommunications from the Warsaw University of Technology in 2009 and 2014, respectively. He is currently studying a PhD in Electronic Engineering at the University of York, investigating the performance of spatial audio systems. Ever since high school, he was interested in audio engineering. During his undergraduate studies he started working as a live sound engineer at jazz clubs and over the years he became a mixer for some of the major Polish performers. During the period from 2008 to 2017, he was associated with the Musical Acoustics Laboratory at the Frederic Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. Before joining the AudioLab, he served as an acoustic consultant for numerous architectural design projects including concert halls and recording studios. He also worked on his immersive audio startup company – nvsonic. Tomasz actively takes part in maintaining this website.

Associated Projects

  • Evaluation of Spatial Audio Codecs
  • Improvements in Binaural Based Ambisonic Decoding

Highlighted Publications

“Perceptual Evaluation of Bitrate Compressed Ambisonic Scenes in Loudspeaker Based Reproduction” – Tomasz  Rudzki, Pierce Hening, Ignacio Gomez-Lanzaco, Jessica Stubbs, Thomas McKenzie, Jan Skoglund, Damian Murphy and Gavin Kearney

“A DAW-Based Interactive Tool for Perceptual Spatial Audio Evaluation” – Tomasz Rudzki, Damian Murphy and Gavin Kearney

“Acoustical Measurements of Warsaw’s Chamber Opera House Using Two Types of Sound Sources for Subsequent Auralization” – Wieslaw Woszczyk, Tadeusz Fidecki, Jung Wook (Jonathan) Hong, Tomasz Rudzki and David Benson

“Concert Hall Sound Clarity: A Comparison of Auditory Judgments and Objective Measures” – Andrzej Miśkiewicz, Tomira Rogala, Teresa Rościszewska, Tomasz Rudzki and Tadeusz Fidecki