Joseph Williams

PhD Student



  • Immersion in audiovisual experiences


Joe is a PhD candidate exploring what it means to be immersed in an audiovisual experience, predominantly through investigating how immersion may be measured using novel physiological and psychological assessment methods. This work is motivated by a need to better understand how immersion can be conceptualised, and how it may be applied practically for the assessment and design of audio-centric digital experiences, such as those developed by project collaborators at Bang & Olufsen and XR Stories. Having graduated with a First Class MEng degree in Electronic Engineering with Music Technology Systems from the University of York in 2019, Joe spent a year working as an Embedded Systems Engineer designing datalogger systems in East Timor, before returning to York to start his PhD in 2020. Outside of his PhD, Joe enjoys hiking, watching science fiction films, and DJing, producing and listening to music.