XR Stories

Project Description

XR Stories provides research and development funding, support and networking to expand the potential of immersive and interactive technologies for digital storytelling. We are based at the University of York and bring research excellence to support business focused partnerships. XR Stories is a significant investment by the AHRCERDF, the University of YorkBFI and Screen Yorkshire. Together with our wide range of industry partners and Yorkshire universities we strive to champion a new future for digital creativity in the Yorkshire and Humber region.


Innovation around new forms of interactive and immersive storytelling is key to the UK’s success in digital creativity. Yorkshire and the Humber boasts a vibrant creative community with more than 20,000 creative businesses and freelancers working in the region. It is those businesses we are working to support.

With our research and development funding, we are enabling businesses working in XR to tell new stories in new ways, to both existing audiences and audiences of the future. XR Stories is committed to bringing together world-leading research and creative digital expertise, to shape the future of storytelling.

More information available at the XR Stories and Screen Network websites.