Anechoic Chamber

Isolated anechoic chamber

Based at the AudioLab's Genesis 6 Building (York Science Park)

  • Research facility for recording and playback under anechoic conditions
  •  3 m x 3 m x 3.5 m
  • Housed in a separate building for acoustic isolation
  • Used by our postgraduate students as part of their MSc course and final projects
  • Work undertaken using the chamber has contributed to some of the lab's most significant research outputs

Fixed Mouting Points

Allow for the mounting of metal frameworks, speaker arrays, microphones, dummy heads etc.. This ensures that measurements can be conducted with maximum accuracy.

Acoustic Treament

Foam wedges can be found on all surfaces to prevent any reflections.

Mesh Floor

Suspended mesh floor ensures that work can take place in the chamber without impacting the quality of the results.

Significant Research Output

The SADIE II database is one of the lab's most significant research outputs, having been recorded in our anechoic chamber and adopted in YouTube by Google.


Genesis 6 Studio (York Science Park)