52-Channel Loudspeaker Rig

Bespoke loudspeaker array for spatial audio research

Based at the AudioLab's Genesis 6 Building (York Science Park)

  • 50-channel Ambisonic loudspeaker system constructed using a Lebadev grid
  • Augmented with 2 additional speakers to produce an embedded 7.1.4 playback system
  • Used primarily for binaural audio research
  • Allows for head-tracked binaural audio
  • Also used for mixing content for Ambisonics/ object-based formats
  • Space has a reverberation time of approximately 90 ms

Genelec System

8030 & 8040 loudspeakers

Constructed using a bespoke mounting system in a 50-point Lebadev grid configuration.

Custom Decoding

In-house developed decoders

Decoding and equalisation has been designed and implemented specifically for this system by members of our lab.

Realtime Rendering

Custom-built PC

The computational power required to render 7OA in realtime, allowing for the composition of immersive spatial mixes.

Embedded Screens

HD monitors

Mix audiovisual media from the sweet spot of the loudspeaker array.

Binaural Decoding

Load in in custom HRTF sets

Decoding to headphones facilitates the testing of different HRTF sets.


Opti-Track System

Enables head-tracked audio to be played back to a listener wearing headphones from within the loudspeaker array.

AB Testing

Loudspeakers vs Binaural

Switch back and forth between the loudspeakers and different HRTF sets for critical evaluation.

HOA Workflows

Reaper and Pro Tools

Established workflows using both Reaper and Pro Tools to produce 7OA materials.


Genesis 6 Studio (York Science Park)