The Guildhall

Motion-capture and virtual production facility

Housed in The Guildhall in the centre of York

  • 9 m x 5 m motion-capture volume featuring multiple motion-capture technologies
  • Complete with an array of VR and XR technologies and headsets
  • Used in the development of novel audiovisual workflows
  • Configurable space used for a variety of virtual production applications
  • Currently home to the XR Stories project

Motion-Tracking System

Vicon System

12-camera Vicon system complete with motion capture suits and makers.

Non-Camera Based Tracking

XSens suits

These suits may be used to augment the Vicon system to add more users, or used in applications outside of our lab space.

Adaptable system

Active & passive marker tracking

Our Vicon system allows for both active and passive marker tracking, meaning it can be adapted for the specific project's needs.

Latest VR Technology

A wealth of VR headsets

Headsets from Meta, Pico, Steam and more, allowing us to keep up with the latest developments in the industry.

Development PCs

High-end gaming PCs and monitors

PCs designed for working with game engines, allowing us to bring our motion capture projects to life.


LiveLink-enabled devices

Apple's TrueDepth camera allows us to record ultra high resolution face-tracking data through the Metahuman animator.

Configurable Loudspeakers

Genelec system

Our configurable loudspeaker system allows the setup to be suited to whatever work is being done in the space.

3D Scanning

Artec 3D scanners

3D scanning allows us to bring real-world props into virtual productions.


The Guildhall (York City Centre)