VR Equipment & Studios

VR equipment and facilities across three sites

Physics & Engineering Technology Building (West Campus)

  • PC-based VR workstations with their own control surfaces

Genesis 6 Studio (York Science Park)

  • VR headsets and external head-tracking hardware

The Guildhall (York City Centre)

  • A wealth of VR headsets and motion-tracking equipment

VR Hardware

The latest VR headsets

Headsets from Meta, Pico and Steam, allowing us to keep up with the latest developments in the industry.

Networked Experiments

Low-latency networked performance

Systems developed to allow performers to play over the network with low-latency. This allows for research into performer interactions within the metaverse.


Native and bespoke systems

Built-in head-tracking and headphone-mounted systems have been used in experiments at the lab.

Loudspeaker Integration

Multi-channel loudspeaker arrays

Each of our sites is fitted with its own loudspeaker array to allow for immersive audio integration.

Game Engine Development

Unity & Unreal

Application development for a variety of research fields.

High-Profile Research

Maida Vale XR experiment

The MINERVA project facilitated a virtual recording studio in collaboration with the BBC's Maida Vale studios.

Perceptual Experiments

Enhanced by VR technology

VR headsets have changed the way we are able to conduct perceptual tests, integrating head tracking and facilitating interfacing.

Biometric Sensors


Allow user experience of using VR technologies to be closely monitored and analysed.