SIM CDT Students & Projects

Kim Steele

PhD Title: Enhancing Audio for Virtual Music Production

Kim graduated with a BSc(Hons) in Mathematics from from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2019. She went on to complete a MSc in Audio Acoustics at University of Salford (2021). This was followed by a MSc by Research at the AudioLab, University of York (2023) focussing on the use of machine learning for generating metadata for accessible audio. She is currently undertaking a PhD as part of the Sound Interactions in the Metaverse CDT, focusing on audio for virtual music production.

Joe Elsom

Audio Engineering & Spatial Audio PhD

Joe graduated from BSc Audio Engineering at Leeds Beckett University in 2019 with Honours and the Calrec Audio Prize for Excellence in Audio Engineering. He later received an Special Mention Award at the Outstanding MAP Graduate Awards 2021. Since graduating he has worked full time as a Research Engineer at Celestion and in cooperation with KEF (collectively GP Acoustics) on a variety of projects including transducer design, optimisation, simulation and software engineering. He began his PhD part-time at the AudioLab in May 2023 in direct cooperation with Celestion.

Yiping Han

Audio Engineering & Game Audio Simulation PhD

Ping's research work focuses on developing appropriate strategies for hybrid modelling methods in real time. With several years of experience researching acoustics in games, Ping is now continuing this work, which includes industry collaboration with Sony.

Luca Resti

PhD Title: Effect of Contextual Sound Perception on Metaverse User Experience

Luca holds a BSc in Engineering of Computing Systems from Politecnico di Milano, Italy and an MSc in Information and Communications Engineering from the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany. His research explores how acoustic quality of experience could be quantified and measured in VR applications. In this context, traditional metrics and methods used for estimating audio quality fall short, as they were not designed to account for the interactive and non-linear elements that characterize VR applications. The goal is to better understand the interacton between audio and interactive elements in order to develop multimodal approaches that can accurately quantify and potentially predict quality of experience in VR applications. His PhD project is being conducted in collaboration with Electronic Arts: Search for Extraordinary Experiences Division (EA SEED).

Francesc Moya

PhD Title: Sound Interactions in the Metaverse, Treating Auditory Hypersensitivity in Autistic Children using Virtual Ambisonics

Francesc is an audio producer and educator with a keen interest in the intersection of audio and technology. Credentials include a BA (Hons) in music production and an MA in audio for interactive media, in addition to Fellowship status with the Higher Education Academy (FHEA). Francesc’s current research interests are focused on the use of spatial audio in digital health.